HEAR : giving up the gun

Yesterday was perfect. A sunny 72 degrees Fahrenheit with a slight wind. I worked from home, which meant I could take my laptop out to the patio and type-type-type away on the grant proposal I'm currently working on. I wore a sundress and sunglasses and ate chips and drank Ale 8 One.
Today is the complete opposite. Chilly and rainy, and I'm still at work, wearing tights, a pencil skirt, and makeup that was smeared away hours ago. Pretty.
So I'm listening to fellow Columbia U graduates and wishing for warmer weather (which could come as soon as tomorrow? Oh, DC weather):

I can't believe it was almost (exactly) one year ago that I saw Vampire Weekend live. Oh, time, how you fly.


Tunics & Tamarind Chutney said...

Welcome back!
Hope your job is going well!

Samya said...

i just heard of vampire weekend like literally 3 days ago. hahaha. yea, i'm totally with it. its'a arite :P and i like scenario #1 much better, although seeing you with smeared make-up face might be fun :)

Katie said...

Love the song! Will have to listen to them more often.

少菁 said...

thx u very much, i learn a lot

Megan said...

I hear our super warm weather is about to drop 20 degrees tonight. Spring is such a tease!

Pin said...

So is ours. BOO!

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