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There are times when I can't wait to leave the city, like when:
  1. I have to choose between paying ridiculous prices for a carton of milk or having to haul my groceries from TJ's on 14th to Morningside Heights (lazy v. cheap, my ultimate dilemma), and having to withstand the hordes of people regardless;
  2. I hear that a friend of a friend is only paying $1600/month for her studio at the Newseum, across the street from the National Mall, or that a friend's mortgage payment towards her house + acreage is still less than what I'm paying for my subsidized apartment that I share with two people; or
  3. I and a million of my closest friends end up sharing the same patch of green on the first sunny, warm day in forever.
...But then there are days like yesterday. The weather was perfect, and yes, Central Park was very crowded, but afterward, Brando and I hung out on Main Campus for the Bacchanal '09 concerts, featuring:

Vampire Weekend was so much fun! Definitely great live.
I might have to buy their CD.


Talib Kweli is so fantastic. The crowd was disappointing.

Days like this make it possible to endure the crowds, the smell, the dirtiness, the high cost of living, and then I'm back to square one in deciding what I want to do after graduation.

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