FEEL (hopeful) : a letter to the world (wide web)

Oh, internet, how I've missed you.

But I've forgotton how much of a hindrance you can be to my productivity (and let's be honest, I don't need any help being unproductive). In the month or so we've been apart, I've...




taken up running (sort of), although I don't have a picture of that.

But I've also picked up some bad habits, like watching this and this. (Please don't judge! We all need mindless entertainment sometimes, right?)

So, let's just make a pact that you'll help me be productive. Support my reading goals by emailing me installments of books via Daily Lit (I'm currently reading Alice in Wonderland). Remind me to complete my Arabic lessons on Rosetta Stone. Help me figure out a way to actually run a mile without dying. And I'll forgive you for helping me waste my time on silly things like this. Deal?

Welcome back, old friend!


Katie said...

Maybe if you joined our book club you'd read more! ;)

And if you figure out the running thing let me know.

Samya said...

welcome back! your hair got long. that's how long you've been without internet... your hair grew 5 inches! i wont make fun of you for watching million dollar match maker, but i might for the other one :) although i watch a ton of weird mindless things too! good luck on running that mile! you can do it!

Pin said...

Katie, I did join your book club! Obviously, I do not follow through... I read, like, the first 30 pages of "One Hundred Years" and then gave up. I fail.

I know, Rash. It's PRETTY STUPID of me to watch Pretty Wild. I take it you watch Millionaire Matchmaker, too? Is that why there's no judgment? :)

The Skirted Wordsmith said...

Dear Pinj,
So glad you're back!
One fun fact you might enjoy:
One of the millionaires from Matchmaker found me on Facebook -- he lives in my neighborhood -- and has asked me out a few times! LOL LOL LOL

Pin said...

OMG GING. That is hilariously amazing!

Megan said...

I'm so glad you're back online!
You know my views on whether it's okay to watch mindless tv :).

Mohamed Mughal said...

Hey, looks like being internet-free expanded your base of daily experiences. Might you ever want to schedule an internet fast?

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