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I really love those fashion blogs that have daily posts of what people are wearing, like What I Wore or Daily Work It or The Sartorialist. I don't have the fashion IQ to come up with a different outfit everyday or the dedication to update my blog daily (or even regularly), but I thought for today's post I would channel my inner fashionista and post the fabulous outfit I wore today:

The Graduate, (in front of) Low Library, NYC. 5/20/09.

Cap & Gown (complete with bat wings that can be used as storage): Columbia Bookstore, $50
Shoes: Wal-Mart, $?
Dress (worn underneath, not shown): Macy's, $40
Education: Columbia University School of Social Work, approximately $60,000 (tuition and fees total)

That's right: I can now add MSW (or, technically, MSSW) after my name!


WhimsAndInconsistencies said...

Gosh Pinu, you are SO TRENDY! I'm printing out this picture for my "Fashion Inspiration" notebook.

PS Congrats on MS(S)W!

Pin said...

Not everyone can pull off a pleated, winged, mid-calf tunic.

I'm sure you're jealous, but there's no need: you are more than welcome to borrow it any time you like! :)

And thanks!

jillian-anne said...

yay!!! congratulations!

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