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Have you guys ever heard of (or had) Pocky?

It's (as you can read on the box) a biscuit stick covered in chocolate (or other flavors, including a "mature," dark chocolate version that's called "Men's Pocky). It's from Japan and apparently very popular in East Asian countries.

I had not heard of this little bit of deliciousness (seriously, I ate the entire box in 5 minutes) until yesterday when a co-worker of mine bought me a box, because he thought I was "down." (It's been a stressful/busy week, so I've not been as social as I normally am.) I mean, is that sweet or what? I am constantly surprised by how kind people can be.

I saved the box, because I love how retro it looks... and as a reminder to be kinder to (and definitely more patient with) people, just because, and to be less dour at work (even when I'm stressed).

Fun Fact: Pocky was renamed Rocky in Malaysia, perhaps to avoid sounding like a vulgar word in Malay (from Wikipedia, of course).


Megan said...


Katie said...

I bet I could get those at World Market. Noted.
Hope next week is less stressful!

Samya said...

This is in fact one of my fave snacks. You can find then in most Asian groceries whether East or South Asian. And I think if you liked these really well, you might like my childhood favorite (not that I'm opposed to eating them right now), YanYans. You'll find it in the same section... little biscuit rods that you dip in delicious chocolate.

Culture Served Raw said...

Haha what a random post! I love these in Australia they sell them only in the Asian grocery stores

I like your blog. Looks great! Trying to find some fresh, female bloggers

Kristen said...

You can definitely get these at World Market in all different kinds! They are soo good, but I don't understand why they give you so little, you can eat them in one setting!

湘CristopherC_Hipple0609均CristopherC_Hipple0609 said...

you‘ve got a great personality!............................................................

Sarah said...

ah I love this stuff. I can't remember how or when I came upon this stuff but I just know that I freakin love it!


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