death by proxy

I've had a bit of bad luck with my laptop: It died. In a violent, violent death. First, there was the blue screen of death. Then, beeps, half-starts {my laptop apparently couldn't load the welcome screen}, and error messages. And then... there was nothing. {And I mean nothing. It wouldn't even turn on, the jerk.}

Fortunately, my dad has a friend who has a friend who thinks my laptop is salvageable {and is willing to work on it for free!}. And luckily, I had most {though not all} of my documents, music, photos saved on an external hard drive. Really, the only annoyance has been not having access to my computer or the internet the past few days {our home computer is slow as molasses}-- it really is amazing how much of my life is on my computer and how dependent I am on the internet.

On the bright side, though, I've had lots of time to pack. {But, have I? Uh...not really.}


The Skirted Wordsmith said...

UGHHH -- the blue screen of death! Haven't heard that in a while. Isn't that a Don Brown quote?

مى said...

Aww I'm so sorry! I'm very tech-challenged, stuff like that happens to me on a daily basis. My dad constantly has to remind me that he doesn't shi* money. :$

Pin said...

Ging-- yes, Dr. Brown used to say that all the time {and then laugh}! Aww, memories. He was such a cute old man.

Melissa said...

aww! i'm sorry about your computer and wish it a speedy recovery =)

mina said...

my macbook died once. i lost a bunch of my pictures from tokyo. i am not only dependent on the internet but addicted....& thanks so much for the well wishes.

Pin said...

Thanks, guys! My computer is up and mostly running again, a shell of its former self {no programs or files or history... everything is gone!}.

And Mina, I thought Macs were invulnerable! {And losing vacation pictures/pictures in general is the worst!}

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